Wu Wei #2 was my second attempt at a publication that brought together comics and spirituality. I started with the initial idea of doing a follow up to my solo book Wu Wei #1. But as I was putting it together I started chatting with… View Post

The Comix Reader is a truly collective comic. It is made up of 24 single page comics from 24 different artists. We all create the book and fund the printing ourselves. Then we take an equal portion of the print run and distribute it all… View Post

dotComics was my first attempt at editing. The book was conceived and produced by Eliot Baggott and myself. We said ‘let’s work on something!’ then got together and started brainstorming and this was the result. With there being so many web-comics online, it is hard… View Post

It surprisingly took me a while to realise that I could combine my passion for comics with my love of spirituality and eastern philosophy. But when the light bulb finally went off, it resulted in ‘Wu Wei #1’. This first volume was a collection of… View Post

Wet Ashes was my earliest attempt at a longer narrative using comics. After reading my first Osamu Tezuka book and catching the comics bug, I spent a little while attempting a few smaller projects. Then, shortly after moving to London in 2009, I starting building a… View Post