The fourth book in the One Year Wiser series is an illustrated introduction to the life changing practice of Mindfulness. The book is divided into four sections, each relating to a different season, and in total there are 26 chapters. The chapters discuss topics such… View Post

Rushing From A to A is a stand alone book but also the next chapter in what has become my main passion project. I am hoping to draw 8 of these little books and then hopefully find a publisher to collect them into one big… View Post

This book is the result of a real passion project. The idea came to me while out on a long walk on a hill. Then, a few months later, while sitting on a bench watching the sun set on that same hill, I wrote the… View Post

This was a book that I made while working as an art editor at Jessica Kingsley Publishers. It is adapted from a fiction novel for young readers under the same title. It was originally written by Kathy Hoopmann and published in 2003. For this updated… View Post

One Year Wiser: A Gratitude Journal is the third book in the One Year Wiser series. After the success of One Year Wiser: 365 Illustrated Meditations and One Year Wiser: The Colouring Book (both of which were bestsellers!!) I wanted to make a book that… View Post