Lisa and the Lacemaker


This was a book that I made while working as an art editor at Jessica Kingsley Publishers. It is adapted from a fiction novel for young readers under the same title. It was originally written by Kathy Hoopmann and published in 2003.

For this updated editionĀ I adapted the book into a fully drawn graphic novel, using Hoopmann’s original dialogue. The story is about a young with Aspergers Syndrome and the mysterious world of ghosts and lacemaking she finds herself plunged into.

This is the third book the in Asperger Adventures Series. I also worked on adapting the first book, Blue Bottle Mystery, into a graphic novel. I wrote the script for that volume and it was illustrated by Rachel Smith.

Here are some sample pages from Lisa And The Lacemaker, and it can be ordered online here.


LLM 14


LLM 28


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