2018 is going to be a very exciting year from me creatively and the main reason for this is because it is the year I launch my new publishing company Liminal 11. Starting my own company has been a dream of mine for many… View Post

  My newest book is out and it is very special to me! It is the first book in the One Year Wiser series that I both wrote and illustrated. It is an introduction to the wonderful practice of Mindfulness presented using comic arts and… View Post

Every year I create a new One Year Wiser calendar with images from my best selling inspirational series! This year the calendar features 12 pages from my book One Year Wiser: 365 Illustrated Meditations. I produce the calendars myself and so they are really limited!… View Post

I am excited to announce the second book in my new series of mini comics! Rushing From A to A is the next chapter in what has become my main passion project. I am hoping to draw 8 of these little books and then hopefully… View Post

This book is a real passion project. The idea came to me while out on a long walk on a hill. Then, a few months later, while sitting on a bench watching the sun set on that same hill, I wrote the script in a… View Post