I am excited to announce the second book in my new series of mini comics! Rushing From A to A is the next chapter in what has become my main passion project. I am hoping to draw 8 of these little books and then hopefully… View Post

This book is a real passion project. The idea came to me while out on a long walk on a hill. Then, a few months later, while sitting on a bench watching the sun set on that same hill, I wrote the script in a… View Post

Thrilled to announce the fourth book in my One Year Wiser series! As you can see from the cover, this book is an illustrated guide to the life transforming practice of mindfulness. What makes this book extra special to me is that, for the first… View Post

‘Everyone knows someone affected by the flood’ Thrilled to share with you all information about an exhibition I have put together with my wife, Dr. Lisa Woynarski. It is unique comics exhibition where the human stories of flooding are depicted through comics and brought to life… View Post