One Year Wiser: The Colouring Book is a collection of 52 illustrated quotes, one for every week of the year. The quotes are taken from a range of famous writers, artists, activists and thinkers and then I adapted them into full page illustrations to be… View Post

Last Days of Nobodies – Part One: Wheatfields After The Rain is the first story in a three part book I am currently working and posting online weekly as a web-comic here. The first part looks at the tragic last days in the life of Vincent van… View Post

Seasons is the fist book I released through a publisher. At the time the Avery Hill Publishing, was in the very early stages of the company and were considered a boutique or small press publisher. But since then they have expanded into a full fledged publisher… View Post

Wu Wei #2 was my second attempt at a publication that brought together comics and spirituality. I started with the initial idea of doing a follow up to my solo book Wu Wei #1. But as I was putting it together I started chatting with… View Post

The Comix Reader is a truly collective comic. It is made up of 24 single page comics from 24 different artists. We all create the book and fund the printing ourselves. Then we take an equal portion of the print run and distribute it all… View Post